Our Responsibilities

We are driven by our vision and guided by our values.

Our responsibilities

Axcel Finance pledges to serve our clients in a responsible manner and act in the best interest of our customers. To be open, honest and fair in all our business conduct.


We will treat all clients with respect and professionalism. We train our team to behave ethically during every contact with the client.


We respect our customer’s right for privacy by maintaining all information received strictly confidential.

Products & Services

Our Products and landing criteria are designed to meet  our client’s needs.

Cost of Credit

Competitively priced products which we promote in a balanced way showing the risks as well as the benefits.

Fees and Charges

Clear information on the cost of borrowing, any fees and charges and our terms and conditions.


A limit on borrowing that we believe will ensure the client doesn’t overstretch his/her finances and accesses credit beyond their limit.

Queries & Complaints

We will inform clients of their right to ask questions and complain, and will educate them about the various ways they can submit questions.

Payment Issues & Arrears

Clients are expected to repay their loans on time, but if they do not, we will still treat them with dignity.

Promoting Financial Literacy

We promote financial literacy by providing advice and guidance to better our clients’ financial management skills and knowledge.